Sick and tired of studying vocabulary in the same boring way? Vocasol helps you to organize word lists, study specific words in different manners and test your knowledge using a personalized algorithm based on your results.

About Vocasol

Vocasol is an online web application meant for people studying or teaching vocabulary. Students and teachers can add words from a general word list to specified word lists or to their own words. Students can make use of the Study mode to learn unmastered words or practice already studied words. When they think they master a certain word list, they can make a test to check their knowledge.

"Based on the results, an algorithm will detect which words are mastered and which words still need to be studied.

Words and wordlists

Explore our database of translations in several languages and add words to personalized word lists or to your own words so you can retrieve them easily.

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Get to know some words for the first time and get the chance to hide and show the translations at any given time.

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"Exercise words you've already learned in the Learn mode and get feedback on your answers."

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Make tests adapted to your own strengths and weaknesses and let the results influence your further learning experience.

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In the discover mode, you can easily retrieve specific words or word lists simply by typing them in the search box.

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